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Videos and Other Engagement Tools for Personalized Learning (220+ Free Apps) #GAETC16

220+ Free Apps for Personalized Learning Videos provide a great tool to engage students. I presented on video and engagement tools at the Georgia Educational Technology Conference on 11/2/2016. This list includes the apps that I highlighted in my presentation and many more. I have continually updated this list every year for the past 2 years. … Continue reading

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Business Related Links for Reference

Here are some useful links for those studying business and business related topics. This list will be updated periodically. Please comment and add links to reputable websites that can be used related to business. Coding Resources Code School – Free Co Courses Khan Academy – Hour of Code Financial Literacy Federal Reserve Practical Money … Continue reading

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Personalize Learning with 175 Free Apps #GAETC15

175+ Apps to Personalize Learning  Applications (apps) are everywhere, whether used on a cellphone, tablet, or other device. I’ve compiled this list of over 175 free apps for education arranged by category. This list was shared with a packed room of educators at the annual Georgia Educational Technology Conference (#GAETC15) in November. I personally use many of these apps in … Continue reading