Happy Digital Learning Day! #DLDAY

Today is Digital Learning Day!

Every day is Digital Learning Day in my classroom. Students love being able to use technology and it enhances their learning. Here is a list I put together for a presentation at the Georgia Educational Technology Conference of just a few of the different tools used in my classroom each day to bring learning to life: 100+ Amazing Apps for Education and Training.

My Business and Computer Science students used Voki, Tellagami, and Facetalker for their set induction activity which I refer to as the DO NOW. These three apps allow students to make characters with their phones and/or the computer. Legal Environment of Business students summarized laws related to business such as the Civil Rights Act of 1964 meanwhile Entrepreneurship students described one of the basic sections of a business plan using 1 of the 3 apps. Check out their characters on Padlet (a great tool for collaboration and sharing): or A few students shared their characters on twitter. Follow me @yvettedupree.

Introduction to Business students worked on business plan outlines and planned commercials to advertise their products. ELHS P$ on DLD

How did you celebrate Digital Learning Day?


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